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Hey. Welcome back we are in the middle the series here this is the Psychology of Being a Singer. And this one is, Where Do I Start? Okay, this is a common problem, “Where do I start? What is it that I do?” It can be overwhelming. There’s always stuff on the internet like I do searches, like I can do Google searches of course and you know my product like I’ve got Superior Singing Method, main course and these other courses and vocal coaching club and I’ve got a lot of great resources. And actually the link below there’s more resources there, that’s actually might be a good place to start but not trying to sell you that just trying to get a concept across here. There’s so much info overload these days that it can become just a little paralysis by analysis.

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The idea of just like trying to analyze everything what to do and what’s going on and you just – it just paralyzes. It’s kind of getting to a stuck place. So “Where do I start? What do I do to start?” And here’s the main thing I want to talk about today and that’s the idea of making short-term processed goals that you can complete and feel good about. A very short-term process goal that you can complete and feel good about. Here’s the part of the problem, the overwhelmed thing – first of all, just a little side note talking about the overwhelmed. There’s no such thing as overwhelmed, okay? Begin, bear with me here, but to feel overwhelmed is not circumstances that are making us feel overwhelmed. So track with me for a second here, when we feel overwhelmed, we feel overwhelmed because of an interpretation that we’re making of a circumstance and a thought believed about that, about the circumstance or about ourselves. Okay, so let me give you an example, sometimes when I’m starting to feel the emotion or overwhelm because again, we’re in the motion of our thoughts not the emotion of our circumstances all the time. We think it’s our circumstances; “I feel this way because my mom is this or my dad’s this” or “Things aren’t working out the way that I want.” We think that those emotions are coming from circumstances but they are coming from thought- believe. And an interpretation that we have and believing that thought is what’s actually giving us the feelings. So back to the overwhelmed. So when I’m feeling overwhelmed, let’s say just today for example, so I was doing some things with my business partners I knew I was going to film this today but I also have an acting class, I’ve got this thing and supposed to memorize and I started getting in the mind set of feeling overwhelmed because I have so much to do and that first while it wasn’t a true thought. I didn’t have so much to do. It was really just this though and the thought was this, the though was, “Oh I have so much to do because really I only have one thing to ever do. The only thing I need to do right this second is talk to you.”


There’s only now and when we get too much future, that’s when things start getting a little crazy when we think about what’s going on in the future that’s where all the fear comes in. Talk more about that in a second but we’ll stick with overwhelmed and with my day so my thought about my thing that I was supposed to memorize today, it wasn’t that I have so much to do that I’m overwhelmed. I really didn’t. I only have one thing to do and then one thing and then one thing and then one thing. That’s all we ever have to do is just the thing in front of us. The thought was actually, “I don’t think I’m going to be able to memorize this and that amount of time and therefore I think I’m going to look stupid in front of the people in my class.”

Okay so, but I wasn’t thinking about it. Overwhelmed, overwhelmed, overwhelmed. But when I really break it down and think about it if the thought-believe that if I don’t take enough time to do this or maybe I don’t have what it takes to memorize it in order to make that happen. So see of you are tracking with me here. The idea is that when we get too much future and we try to think of all these things that are happening, we’re trying to juggle all these things in our life. If we can just bring it back to what’s really going on and what is really given me that feeling of being overwhelmed it’s just usually one or two small things.

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And so here’s my encouragement to, with my singing method back to what I said before, short term process goals that you can complete and feel good about and I mean very short. Here’s my encouragement to you, think about – in earlier video I asked you, “What is something you can do right now to get the future that you want in the present?” So again I don’t want you to live in the future and worry about the future and stress about the future, just right now, because I want you to create your future now. I don’t want you to create your future in the future. I just want you to create right now. So right now what is a short term process goal you can do forget about? I’m talking literally three minutes. What’s something you can do for three minutes? That’s all I’m asking of you just three minutes that you could feel good about right now and these three minutes like when I do this, here’s the trick with the three minute thing: just go ahead and do it three minutes you know you feel – you feel fear around and scared like, “Oh I don’t think it’s going to be good.”, and all that stuff. Never all that just get into action about it and start doing just those three minutes. What usually happens in this three minutes for me is that once I get past those three minutes the thing doesn’t seem as big and scary to me anymore. It starts being like, “Oh this is much more manageable than I thought and actually I kind of enjoy this.” Once I start getting into action but if I can trick myself into just getting three minutes, then I’m usually fine because here’s what the mind does: there’s like a psychological thing that the mind automatically does. Our minds live in a survival mode a lot and so anytime our mind pictures something in the future, anytime, this is for all of us it makes it bigger and scarier than it actually is. That’s just what the mind does, it’s a survival tactic like, “Oh, worst case scenario. Let’s see if I can handle that.” The mind just automatically does that and the way that we can say, “Nope. I’m not going to give in to all that, oh big and scary future garbage. I’m just going to get into action and just for three minutes.”, and maybe just for three minutes I think that’s fine you’ll oftentimes will do more because – because it won’t want same as big and scary.


So again what is that one thing that you can do now? Just for three minutes and the idea of a short term goal that you can feel good about is that success is as I said in earlier video it’s progressively realizing a worthy ideal. Eventually yeah our successes, million dollars and fame and always – whatever it may be but really today that’s just future. Let the future come but build your future today build your future now in the next three minutes and don’t hold you happiness captive until you reach a major goal. That’s why I just want these little tiny process goals and feel good, something you can feel good about and be like, “I accomplished that, and I accomplished that and I accomplished that.” It’s just little things and so the last thing is, John Wooden, you may have heard a John Wooden. He’s actually, he’s a basketball coach for a college basketball. He won the most championships with anybody and he was just a brilliant, brilliant leader and he says and I think this is such – if you could just focus, if you like zoning out or thinking about what that three minutes things is just come in for one more second here because this concept it could radically change your life, just this idea. So what he says is that doing something a little something every single day and not thinking about “Oh I have to take this massive step today. Oh I’m not going to do that unless I take this giant step” Don’t worry about that. A little bit each day, eventually big things occur. Does that make sense? If you do just a little thing today and do a little thing tomorrow and a little thing the next day, fast-forward some time, eventually you look back maybe like, “Oh I reached that major goal that I wanted.” So just little tiny successes each day lead to, eventually lead to really big massive successes in your life. So that’s all I’m asking. Just one little thing, what can you do for three minutes? Short process goals, don’t keep your happiness captive until you reach your giant goal. You know, be happy about that little goals that you reach today and eventually that future that you want is going to be here sooner than you think.

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So that’s it for this lesson here. I just want to end again with believing in your bigness. There’s more in you than you realize, take that to heart. So before you click off, really quick, click the link right here for more information and more like steps that’s like exercises and techniques and all that stuff. It’s a good 15-minute video tape that I put together for you and then also subscribe because I’m doing the whole series here so you know when the next video comes up if you haven’t had a chance to do that. And leave a comment below not just so I have more comments but because I’m writing a book and I really want you to be a part of it so what I want to know what you think about this content and you’re not going to hurt my feelings. If you think its garbage, let me know. Let me know why, not just be like, “It sucks.” You know what I mean, just whatever, tell me. “Oh, don’t agree with this” or “I don’t want that” that’s super helpful for me or “Here’s what I did like and I would like to more about this” whatever it is. I want you to help me to help you if you know what I mean. I want to know what it is that will serve you the most because that’s what I want to do. I want to serve you. I want to write this book that will serve you the most and help you to become the best singer and the best human being in the most successful person that you possibly can. That’s what I want for you so help me help you and leave me a comment. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next episode.  In the mean time visit http://www.dancemeeting.com/superior-singing-method-review/